Membership Enhancements 


We are thrilled to announce the introduction of two new membership enhancements at The Columbus Museum: The Young Art Patrons Affiliate Group and the Alma Thomas Society.

Young Art Patrons (YAP) Affiliate Group: $20

We are excited that we have restructured the Young Art Patrons program to provide you with even more opportunities to benefit from your membership! Instead of an independent membership level, the Young Art Patrons will now be a membership enhancement option to go alongside the membership level of your choice. This enables you to receive the benefits of the Young Art Patrons program in tandem with the unique benefits of your chosen membership level.

The Young Art Patrons (YAPs) provides culturally enriching experiences geared towards young professionals. The affiliation fee in addition to your membership is $20 a year and provides you with exclusive access to YAP events and programs. Your affiliation discount to events saves you an average of over $100 a year as well as a YAP exclusive opportunity to contribute to a special acquisition.

Alma Thomas Society: $500

Secondly is The Alma Thomas Society, a collectors’ group to directly support The Columbus Museum Fund for African American Art. The society fee in addition to your membership is $500 a year and includes the opportunity to contribute to a special acquisition, invitations to Society events, and special recognition in numerous Museum publications.

As you renew your membership or join for the first time, consider enhancing your experience with The Columbus Museum by participating in an affiliate group!


Interested in becoming a Museum member with enhancements?  CLICK HERE

Already a member? Contact our Membership Manager, Sarah Tinsley at or 706-748-2562 ext. 542